5 Chic Ideas to Wear Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

jewelry woman

This is the festivals season, Coachella, Stage Coach, Ultra, Tomorrowland, etc. We know that the trends don’t apply to any of these festivals and that’s why we are going to give you some tips on the sterling silver hoop earrings you need to bring to those as other occasions.

Sterling silver looks great on anyone, making it an ideal metal to wear, and hoop earrings can easily update your outfit without requiring you to give a lot of effort.

Understanding how to choose and wear your new earrings is important, so follow these 5 tips to make sure that you always look your best. Knowing how to find the right earrings for your outfit as well as when to wear them will ensure that you feel confident and look amazing.

1. Wear Them With 2 Pieces

jewelry and bathsuits

When you wear them with 2 pieces, wether is a bathing suit or a two pieces suit, you will feel and seem fancy and stylish no matter the situation.

2. Make them Sparkly

silver earrings for woman

If you want to wear sterling silver hoops but wish that they had a little sparkle, consider buying some that have simulated diamonds on them. These are perfect for a fancy dinner out with someone special or dressing up just for yourself.

3. Classic ones will never go out of style

small silver earrings

Small hoops can be just as attractive as large ones without drawing a lot of attention to you or your jewelry choice. If you are just learning how to wear hoops and incorporate them into your outfits, choose a smaller pair.

4. Choose ones with Texture

silver earrings with texture

Textured earrings are a lot more visually interesting than ones that are perfectly smooth and shiny. If you already feel confident about wearing earrings then try out hammered ones, they look fancy and cute and give you an edgy-chic feeling.

5. Big Earrings

big plain silver earrings

The great thing about earrings is that they come in many sizes, so you can go as big or small as you want. If you want to really impress everyone that you run into, you will want to make sure to choose large hoops.

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