5 Reasons To Buy Silver Jewelry

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Whenever you hear the word silver you probably associated with luxury or wealth. Others think it’s just a cheap alternative to gold or white gold. The truth is, silver is a luxurious material and not at all associated with wealth but with good taste.

In fact, silver is used in every type of jewelry imaginable to create looks that can be both timeless and trendy. Modern jewelry designers are flocking to this noble metal because it’s the perfect combination of malleability, beauty, and durability.

Whether you’re looking for everyday accessories or a timeless statement piece, you’ll probably find silver jewelry that seems like it’s been tailored to your personal tastes.

Here Are The 5 Reasons To Buy Silver Jewelry

1. Silver Jewelry Is Very Durable


If you take care of your silver jewelry correctly they can last you a lifetime. The Sterling Silver used here at Meraki Posh is not cheap but we can assure you that the cost in more than worth it for the quality and lifetime value of our jewelry.

Our well-made pieces may even become family heirlooms in the future.

However, to make sure that you’re getting the best quality jewelry, you should buy from established, reputable jewelry stores, and look for marks like these in a hidden place on your new accessory:

925 Sterling Silver Stamp, 925 or .925

2. Is Always Gonna be Trendy


Luckily, sterling silver’s popularity means it’s almost always guaranteed to be in. The latest styles in jewelry will always include sterling silver, even if the designs change.

Recently, for example, gemstones and uncut minerals have become a staple of spring and summertime accessories. Often, those stones are set in sterling silver. Keeping a few silver pieces on hand in your jewelry rotation is a sure way to make sure you always look your best.

3. Infinite Options


Since silver is a soft metal, its easy for designers to mold and experiment with. This makes them really good to have new designs constantly and of course, the creations are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a locket, bracelet, ring, or pendant, there are thousands of options.

There’s always a new 925 silver piece to spruce up your collection! go check our store!

4. Is Incredibly Versatile


Sterling silver jewelry is appropriate no matter what the occasion may be. Whether you intend it to use it at a casual or formal affair is always appropriate.

Its versatility even extends to how it looks with other metals. Maybe you want to add sterling silver to a jewelry collection that already has a lot of white gold or platinum pieces. You don’t have to worry that your new jewelry won’t match your outfits because they’d always match.

5. Is Hypoallergenic and Easy To Maintain


Unlike pieces that are made of inexpensive nickel, brass or other base metals, which can irritate your skin, sterling silver jewelry doesn’t contain metal additions that can cause an allergic reaction.

People who are allergic to metals such as nickel and or brass can wear sterling silver jewelry without much worry. This is especially important for accessories like earrings because you can wear them without fear that a piercing will get infected.

The metal addition to sterling silver is usually copper, which isn’t as likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Also, you can maintain your silver pieces by wearing them. The oils on your skin ‘clean’ the metal, which means you don’t have to worry about that dirty look. So, easy right?

Let us know what you think about our silver pieces in the comments below!

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