The perfect fit and right size

Premium Quality gloves adjust to your hand within a few hours of wearing them. Flexibility exist horizontally but not vertically. Therefore, it’s very important for the fingers to have enough length, a couple of millimeters extra on the tip of the fingers. Too short finger measurement may cause breakage in the sewing or tearing of the leather.

The sizing of the gloves is based on inches, one inch corresponds about 2,5 centimeters. The size is measured snugly around the knuckles -which is the widest part of the hand – excluding the thumb. Please always make sure to measure your hand to avoid buying the wrong size.

peccary leather gloves paula

How To Measure Your Hand

Get a measure tape based on centimeters and get the right measure by dividing the result by 2,5. For example, if the circumference of your hand is 18,5 cm, divided by 2,5 it makes 7,5 which means your size is 7-7,5. Wearing the glove, grab it from the outer side of the palm and give it a little stretch. When the glove stretches just a couple of millimeters the fit is just right

However, all hands are unique, and one hand is always slightly larger than the other. It is therefore better to measure the size of the hand that is used most, because the muscles are usually bigger in that hand. Our hands also vary in shapes; some are narrow with long fingers, some wide with short fingers or a combination of these.