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3 Different Leather Handbags You Must Have In 2019

One of this early year trend is 3 specific leather handbags. Each type of bag is designed to cater for a particular use, some with practicality in mind, with others offering a smaller, more convenient size, all with an array of clever features to consider. Read on below to discover the main differences.

3 Different Leather Handbags You Must Have In 2019

  • Tote Handbags

Tote Handbags are usually defined as a large handbag featuring parallel handles, suitable for storing a number of items conveniently. Totes come in a variety of sizes, with options from formal through to casual.
  • Hobo Handbags

Hobo handbags are defined by a soft shape, which tends to offer a 'relaxed' look. Hobo bags are designed to be worn over your shoulder, and like totes, are generally designed with practicality in mind.
  • Clutch Bags

As the name suggests, clutch handbags are designed to be handheld and therefore is smaller in size. Clutches can be of all different designs and styles, and in some instances, still, feature a shoulder strap.