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Our materials

From The Nature 

peccary leather cork

Leather is a natural material with insulating and protecting properties. Here at MERAKI we only use the finest and highest quality. If we speak of both the selection of rawhides and the tanning and dying process is fair to say we have a rigorous quality control process so we can ensure the highest quality products will be in your hands.

Every skin has its own structure and characteristics in the form of marks and occasional irregularities. Handling the unique properties of each piece of leather is perhaps the most important aspect of the cutter’s work and craftsmanship.


beige peccary gloves

Peccary leather is soft, supple and warm and is also the world’s rarest and most luxurious leather used for gloves and shoes.

There are 2 kinds of peccary: Gray Hair Peccary, that is on average 4.5 sqf, very soft, thin and stretchy, perfect for gloves and garments; and Black Hair peccary, that is on average 5.5 sqf, harder, with more spaced pores and is used in shoes and belts.

Our peccary gloves are always made from a whole piece of skin. That way we ensure the highest quality in the confection department and that is something you can tell by looking closing at a pair of our peccary gloves.