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3 Tips To Protect your leather Jacket from Scratches

Leather jackets are really great. They are a blend of classic style, strength, durability, and comfort. This leather piece of clothing has made history because of its popularity through the years since very a long long time. That's why we are here to tell you how to protect them against scratches and scuffs with these simple steps.
  • Buy only genuine leather

Unfortunately, not all leather jackets are made of real, genuine leather and some are made of faux leather. While some people assume that faux leather is just a different type of leather, this isn’t necessarily true. There’s actually no real leather materials used in faux leather. Rather, it’s made of a traditional fabric that’s coated in a plastic-like material. Because of this, faux leather jackets are more susceptible to scratches and scuffs. If you’re going to invest in a leather jacket, make sure it’s made of premium, genuine leather and not faux or fake leather.
  • Avoid store it or use it under direct sunlight

Of course, you can use your leather jacket on sunny days. However, you should avoid storing it in direct sunlight for a prolonged length of time. Remember that when genuine leather is exposed to sunlight, it will dry out. UV light dehydrates leather and increases the risk of scratches and scuff. You should store your leather jacket in a dark, shaded area all the time.
  • Avoid using non-leather cleaning products

When cleaning your leather jacket, only use products that are formulated and designed specifically for leather. Traditional garment cleaning products are typically designed for cotton, wool, and other common fabrics. They are not designed for leather. And attempting to use one of these products to clean your leather jacket may damage its exterior.