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4 Different outfits for women using black or white leather jackets

Black and white are the most versatile colors you can have in your wardrobe. You can combine these color with pretty much every piece of clothing you own, and we can say the same for shoes in both colors so how can we use black or white leather jackets with our outfits?, here we will tell you 4 different outfits you can have with black and white leather jackets. 


1. Black leather jacket, black top and white pants



This business casual outfit is perfect for work and even the after office. You can always match a black leather jacket, a black top and white pants with nude pumps, black shoes or white sandals. Don't forget to accessorize with a bag and small earrings or sunglasses if the weather allows you. 


2. White leather jacket, white top and jeans


If you go for a casual look this is perfect and you will still be chic and casual enough to go out at night. The key of using a white leather jacket is combining it with white shoes. 


3. Black leather jacket and a white dress


It's spring and you just want to look nice without so much effort? then this outfit is good for you. Black leather jackets can almost go well with everything but specially with a white dress, whether is a short or long one you can always count on this combination. 


4. White leather jacket and a black dress


Can you find an outffit more elegant than this? exactly, if you go for a dressy look but you want to be able to use it in the day and also look comfy then you need a black dress and a white leather jacket paired with some sneakers without sacrificing your elegance and comfiness in a spring or summer day.