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4 Questions To Find Your Perfect Leather Jacket

Ok, now is safe to say you know the theme of this week right? yep, you got it, leather jackets. Leather jackets are perfect for every occasion, they are comfy, keep you warm and they are the best friend for every piece of clothing. You can pair them up with everything and they'll always look great. In our opinion, when it comes to leather jackets, you can never have too many! Black, gray, leather, suede, we want them all. They are an investment, so finding the one that will be the most versatile for you will leave you feeling oh-so-good. To define which style may be best for you, ask yourself the following four questions.


1. What style am I trying to incorporate into my wardrobe?

A: Edgy?, feminine?, classic?. If you answer this very honestly, it will help you choose the silhouette and the best option for your body shape and skin tone.

2. How am I going to wear this?

A: With dresses?, with jeans?, with everything?. However, you answer this will help you pick the length most appropriate for you: Cropped, hip, or long.

3. How Soft is it?

A: The softer it is, the higher quality lambskin leather, the more it will give to your body as you wear it.

4. How thick is the leather?

A: You have to consider where and when you will wear it. Transitional season? winter? underneath another layer? indoors? outdoors? how you answer this will determine the best leather jacket for your season or where you'll wear it.