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5 Leather Clothing Myths You Should Never Believe

Cotton is the absolute king of fabric in which clothes are made. There are cotton pieces everywhere, in Tshirts, sweaters, dresses, etc. As a result, many people are skeptical of wearing clothes made of other fabrics. But today we are showing the 5 most common myths about leather in fashion.

5 Leather Clothing Myths You Should Never Believe

1. Leather garments are uncomfortable

Of course, leather will feel different than cotton but it's not scratchy or uncomfortable to wear. On the contrary, leather offers a superior level of softness that many people find even more comfortable to wear than cotton. Assuming it’s genuine, authentic leather and not fake or faux leather, it will feel incredibly soft and supple against your skin.

2. Leather only comes in black and brown

THIS IS OH SO FALSE!. You can find leather clothes in all colors and almost in all kind of leathers too. You can find leather jackets and especially leather jackets in all colors, for example, a really bright yellow. Can you imagine a bad boy biker using this color? well, they do and their girlfriends too. So, the sky is the limit when it comes to leather colors.

3. Leather clothes will shrink with heat

Most non-leather clothes will shrink when exposed to heat. If you wash a cotton t-shirt in hot water and proceed to dry it using hot air, there’s a good chance it will fit a little tighter the next time you wear it. This is due to the fact that heat causes the cotton fabric to contract, resulting in a slightly smaller size. Leather clothes don’t suffer from this problem, however. You should still avoid washing your leather jacket in hot water, as well as drying it in a clothes dryer, but the properties of this textile generally protect it from heat-related shrinkage.

4. Leather Clothes Don’t Last Long

Well, I think Its safe to say that no piece of clothing will last forever regardless of the fabric from which it's made. However, those that are made of leather tend to last for decades with the proper care.

5. Leather Clothes Damage Easily

Leather clothes aren’t immune to damage, but this doesn’t mean that they damage easily. Clothes made of genuine leather are actually very strong and durable, even more so than those made of cotton, wool, and other common fabrics. Going back to the basics of this textile, leather is made of animal hide, with cowhide being the most common. Animal hide, of course, is stronger and more durable than cotton, wool, and other fabrics. Therefore, leather clothes don’t damage easily. You should still use caution when wearing a leather garment to avoid snagging, tearing or puncturing it, but damage shouldn’t occur under normal circumstances.