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5 Questions You Should Make When Buying A Leather Bag

We all know that buying new things could be as exciting as frustrating. If they are nice things it could be also expensive. So, whenever you feel like handing out your hard-earned money in leather items and especially in leather bags you need to ask these questions and see if it fits your needs.

5 Questions You Should Make When Buying A Leather Bag

  • Will it fit a laptop?

This is a little like saying “will it fit a piece of string” but they should know what you mean. If you’re buying a 15” leather bags for work or uni, the answer should be generally ‘yes’ as most laptops these days will fit into a 15” bag or bigger. There are options for smaller laptops too, but the follow-up question you need to ask yourself is “what else do I need to carry”. If the smaller satchel fits your 11” tablet but doesn’t fit manila folders you need to carry, you may need to upsize.
  • Will this duffle fit in airline overhead compartments?

The whole overhead compartment issue is such a confusing conundrum, because it depends on the airline, how strict they want to be on a particular day and if the policy has changed or updated. But the general rule is around 105 cms. This means the sum total of the length + width + depth cannot exceed 105cm. Alternatively, work on around 48-56cm (18-22”).
  • Is it real leather?

Great question. There is so much faux/cheap/bonded leather in the market these days, that it pays to ask if it’s real, genuine, premium, top-grain, top-shelf, ridgy-didge leather. You’ll get a fair idea by touching and smelling the leather, but if you’re unsure, ask. If the salesperson is unsure, don’t take the risk.
  • How many pockets/compartments does this leather bag have?

I’m a shove it all into one space and find it later kind of person. Others are a place for everything and everything in its place type of people. Depending on your modus operandi, make sure the structure or the layout of your next leather bag suits your needs.
  • How do I care for my leather bag?

Another great question. Depending on the type of leather, will depend on how you treat it. With rustic leathers (or aniline leathers) is possible to not go gently with the bag. The more marks and scuffs, the more characteristic and worldly they look. This leather still requires some conditioning 2-3 times a year. With aniline leathers, anything from a beeswax through to a leather conditioner will work well. With the more finished leathers (semi-aniline) we recommend conditioning 2-3 times a year with a leather conditioning creme. We also suggest that you protect the bag with a waterproofing spray (like you use on shoes) if you want to keep it like new. This will not only help prevent marking, but it will also make it easier to remove any marks if they do appear. So, now you know the answers you should receive when you go hunting for that new shining leather bag.