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5 Reasons To Own A Quilted Leather Jacket

if there's something to consider when buying new pieces for your wardrobe are leather jackets. Actually, in recent years, there has been a new trend for quilted pieces, from vest and jackets to shoes. Quilted leather jackets feature a unique type of stitching in which there’s two or more layers of fabric rather than a single layer. This otherwise subtle nuance enhances the jacket in several ways. Today we are going to give you 5 reasons to own a quilted leather jacket and here they are:

1.Unique Style

As we said before, quilted leather jackets have a unique style. Although they are made of the same leather, the quilted stitching adds a new element to their appearance. Quilted leather jackets have a somewhat newer and more modern style, making them a popular choice among fashion-forward men and women.

2. Lightweight

If you think that quilted leather jackets are heavy, then you're wrong. We know that upon seeing their semi-thick construction, many people assume they are heavy but, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The multiple layers of fabric used in a quilted leather jacket’s stitching are usually separated by air. Therefore, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to wear. Besides, have you seen how they are the bikers favorite? is because they are so lightweight and it also keeps you really warm.

3. Low Maintenance

As you can imagine, quilted leather jackets require very little maintenance. If is made of genuine leather it will almost naturally repel most dirt, dust, debris and foreign objects. In the rare instance that your quilted leather jacket develops a visible stain, you can spot clean it using a damp washcloth and a small amount of liquid laundry detergent. Simply blot the area with the washcloth until the stain comes clean. Aside from spot cleaning, the only other maintenance that a quilted leather jacket requires is the occasional conditioning.

4. Warmth

Perhaps the greatest benefit of quilted leather jackets is their warmth. All jackets provide warmth by reducing the amount of heat that your body loses. When wearing a jacket, the fabric from which it’s made acts as insulation by keeping your body’s heat inside your body. Quilted leather jackets are particularly effective at this, however, because of their thick design. The multiple layers of fabric create a higher insulation value, thereby keeping you warm during the otherwise cold fall and winter seasons.

5. Protection From the Elements

In addition to protecting you from cold weather, a quilted leather jacket will also protect you from the rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Again, this is due to the fact that quilted leather jackets are designed with multiple layers of fabric in the stitching rather than a single layer. With more layers, there’s greater protection from the elements, making quilted leather jackets the perfect choice of outerwear for bad weather. Have we made you think about buying one?? tell us in the comments.