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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Leather Vest

When we look for a leather vest is important to choose the right type. While all leather vests feature a sleeveless design in an all-leather construction, there are nuances between them that shouldn’t go unnoticed. To find the perfect leather vest, consider the 5 following things.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Leather Vest

  • Zipper or Buttons

Do you prefer zippers or buttons on the front? Although there are exceptions, almost all leather vest feature one of these two designs. The classic leather vest is with buttons and many people prefer them because it's formal use. Instead, Zipper leather vest is more casual and probably more use by the younger generations. You can’t go wrong with either style; just choose the one that best reflects your personal preference
  • Type Of Leather

Pay attention to the type of leather from which the vest is made. There are more than a half-dozen types of leather, each of which has its own properties. Split leather, for example, is a low-quality type of leather that’s inexpensive but also highly susceptible to damage. There’s also corrected-grain leather, which is a higher-quality type of leather that looks and feels better than split leather. The absolute best type of leather in which vests are made, however, is full grain. Also known as top-grain leather, it offers a superior level of softness that you won’t find elsewhere.
  • Color

The color of your leather vest will affect the garments and accessories with which you can wear it. If you purchase a leather vest in a bold color like purple — yes, leather vests are available in purple — you probably won’t be able to wear it with many other clothes or accessories. Therefore, it’s recommended that you choose a leather vest in a basic, traditional color like brown or black. Either of these colors will allow you to wear your new leather vest with a variety of other colors and styles.
  • Pockets

Look at the front of any leather vests you are considering buying to see how many pockets it has. Some leather vests don’t have any pockets on the front, but others have one, two, three or even four pockets. Of course, choosing a leather vest with pockets will provide you with additional storage space. You can use the pockets to store small items like your car keys, cash, smartphone, credit cards and other knickknacks. And many people prefer the look of leather vests with pockets over their pocketless counterparts.
  • Length

Check the length when shopping for a new leather vest. If it’s too short or too long, it may look awkward and unflattering. Ideally, your leather vest should stop right at your waistline. Not everyone has the same body size and shape, though, so finding a leather vest in the right length can be difficult.