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5 Ways To Rock Your Leather Pants In Casual Events

If you love your leather pants and you somehow are looking to be fitted for a formal or casual event, just follow this 5 tips and prepare yourself to rock your leather pants.

1. Choose Slim Fit

Baggy jeans are perfectly fine; many people actually prefer to wear jeans in a size or two bigger than what they actually need. But you should stick with a slim-fit style for leather pants. Slim-fit leather pants contour to the shape of your legs to create a slimmer figure. They shouldn’t necessarily feel tight or constricting, but your leather pants should fit directly against your skin.

2. Wear With Boots or Heels

If you want to look skinny and boost the effect your leather pants have already try wearing boots or high-heel shoes. Even if it only adds a few inches to your total height, those few inches will make you look taller and even slimmer. Furthermore, boots and high-heel shoes have a natural formal element to them.

3. Wear Them With a Coat

Not surprisingly, the most popular choice in leather pants is black. Black leather pants are attractive, stylish, versatile and look great with a variety of other garments. Pair them with blazers or coats to make it more formal looking when its time to go to a formal event without stopping to be casual and comfortable at the same time.

4. Wear Them With Lace

If you are going out at night, even if its just work-related, you can always pair your black leather pants with some lace blouse and still rock your look. In this case we can see Ms Snow matching them with a red color blouse and floral shoes.

5. Tuck in Your Shirt

Finally, try tucking your shirt into the waistline of your leather pants. Most people wear their shirt out of their pants — and that’s okay. Tucking your shirt into your waistline, however, creates a more slimming appearance while also making your outfit somewhat unique. It doesn’t work with all outfits, but it’s certainly worth trying if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd.