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7 Tips To Keep Your Leather Jacket In Good Shape

A leather jacket is an essential that you probably have in your closet already. This versatile clothing item could be found in girls and boys closets everywhere. Girls love them because it gives them a sense of fashion statement among other reasons. For boys, is a matter of an edge, a sort of mystery and rebellion. Well, now that we know you love your leather jacket so much, we're telling you how to keep it in good shape for as long as you want with these tips.

Tips to keep your leather jacket in the best shape forever

  • Don't put it in the washing machine

Washing machines are too aggressive on leather and it exposes your items to too much water. So, please read the instructions tag in your garment and follow them. Avoid cleaning your leather garments in the washing machine.
  • Clean it regularly

Instead of using the washing machine you are good to use a cloth and a leather cleaner (that it could be just soapy water). Remember to rub the surface with a soft cloth soaked in the soapy water solution. Start by filling a bowl with warm water and gentle dish soap. Next, submerge a washcloth into the soapy water, followed by ringing it out.
  • Don't use it when performing heavy labor

Remember to take your leather jacket off if you are going to cut firewood, or doing some heavy labor in general. Leather is resistant but is not immune to damage. Prevent your leather from tearing and avoid doing things that may accidentally damage it.
  • Be careful with your zippers

When your zipper gets stuck don't force it. Instead, gently move the zipper around from side to side. Alternatively, if the zipper is no longer on the track, try placing it back on the track and then pulling it up. Pulling on a stuck zipper can cause it to tear away from the leather fabric, so don’t make this mistake with your leather jacket.
  • Only use products that are leather friendly

Before using a new product on your leather jacket make sure is for using on leather. After you make sure is leather friendly, test it in a discreet area. If it works then apply it in all your leather jacket but if you notice a discoloration in the test area avoid using it elsewhere on the fabric.
  • Use Saddle Soap

Based on its name, you may assume that saddle soap is used strictly for cleaning saddles. While it’s certainly used for this purpose, saddle soap can also be used to clean and condition leather jackets. In fact, it’s one of the best products to use on leather jackets. Saddle soap is a safe, gentle product that helps clean and moisturizes leather so that it looks and feels like new.
  • Protect it of the UV's

Never let your leather jacket in the car seat. Even with tinted windows, your leather jacket will be exposed to the UV rays from sunlight and over time this will lead to damage. Sunlight effects leather in the ways of fading and drying it out. However, this won't happen immediately and that's why you'll have to condition your leather jacket after a long exposure to UV light.