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A winter must have: Leather briefcase for women!

A style is something that you can't learn everywhere and sometimes you either have it or not. Increasing your style credibility is easy, making the right choices of course. If we talk about accessories they can make or break an outfit and, if you're looking for an elegant and sophisticated style then a leather briefcase is a must have for this winter season.
  • A little bit of history first

While the traditional attaché derives its name from diplomatic administrative staff, the classic leather briefcase was designed out of necessity: made for lawyers to carry their weighty legal briefs to and from the court, hence the name. Leather briefcases were void of personality as the men who carried them, and while the style has experienced a bit of a decline in popularity in recent years (thanks to the revival of backpacks), the market has become more open to this incredible leather accessory. However, briefcases remain to be used with a business attire to compliment them. Workwear has had a bit of a revolution, with clothes and accessories designed for a new multi-purpose style. Men and women now look for versatility in the accessories they carry, but above all, we take care to dress well in both our professional and casual environments. Just as importantly, our accessories need to be purposefully designed to carry modern belongings, which are increasingly one and the same as well in and out of the office.
  • Back with a vengeance

The material our accessories are made of says a lot about us, for example, full grain leather says that we like long lasting and durability stuff and we have no problem with quality and it also smarten up our outfit. For office attires, black will always look good but classic brown leather is a close contender and adds another dimension to our somehow monotone outfit. Another thing we are very careful about is the shape. When you want to feel like the most powerful version of yourself, it makes sense to carry something with a composed, purposeful structure. Versatile women’s briefcases combine materials such as luxe leather and sheer nylon while keeping a tight silhouette. The right business leather briefcase has a “perfect combination of pockets and dividers that could take a turn as an overnighter” says Entrepreneur.com, and we couldn’t agree more.
Despite what most might think, there’s no reason why a briefcase can’t be as multi-purpose as it is smart looking, and match our ever developing needs. If we talk about the design, modern briefcases have changed to truly increase their function. While the rectangular shape is a tried and tested winner, additions like front zipped pockets, relaxed grab handles, and an attachable shoulder straps mean briefcases are ready for action in more ways than ever.
  • A business partner for life

As Anneka Chauhan, commercial director of Falcon International, says “Traditional accessories come back into fashion or are reinvented”. While the greatest leaders combine experience and new tricks, so too has the briefcase stood the test of time: as the business world speeds up, we’ll see the classic work bag adapt, streamline, and simplify in design. What do you think? would you choose then over your beloved handbag?