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Damier Gloves By Louis Vuitton For Men

Having warm hands in winter is already a luxury in itself, but what better than having them warm with style? For men who like elegance, they will love these Louis Vuitton Damier model gloves, which take their name from the checkered combination they have on the edge, similar to the checkerboard chessboard. The Damier gloves are made of lambskin and are available for both adults and children, with a wool version with checkerboard drawings on the back. The problem that I see these gloves is that they are one size fits all and it is possible that they do not adapt perfectly to all hands. If the guy who wants these gloves has the right size hand, I'm sure they'll enjoy them every day they put them on. Not only are they soft but they have a finish full of details that can be seen at a glance. I love it!