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Do You Know The Different Uses For Leather?

There are many different uses for leather as it is a versatile material. It is both durable and fashionable, and therefore its applications are nearly endless. If you currently enjoy leather products, especially clothing and footwear, be sure to find a local professional that can regularly treat and care for your collection. Here are 13 different uses for leather, some of which are currently prevalent while others are more historical in nature.
  • Binding

binding leather Leather is often used to bind or finish books.
  • Clothing

leather clothes It is often used to make clothing, including pants, skirt, raincoats, and jackets.
  • Cuir Bouilli

leather cuir Cuir bouilli, French for boiled leather, was historically used to create body armor and flasks.
  • Saddles

leather saddle In fact, leather has been used for all types of equestrian related products, including horse hoof boots.
  • Footwear

leather shoes Fashionable footwear is one of the most common uses for leather, including boots, shoes, slippers, and more.
  • Furniture

leather furniture Couches, chairs, recliners, and even automotive interiors are made from leather.
  • Gloves

peccary-leather-gloves From fashionable winter gloves to durable work gloves, leather is often used
  • Watches

leather watch strap Leather wrist watch straps are very common, as well as bangles and other jewelry.
  • Sports

leather ball Leather has a number of uses in sports, such as producing footballs and baseball gloves.
  • Bags

tote leather bag Satchels, backpacks, wallets, and purses are all made from leather.
  • Cases

leather case A case for your eyeglasses or a protective enclosure for your smartphone may be made from leather.
  • Holsters

leather holster Leather is commonly used to make arrow quivers, knife sheaths, and gun holsters.
  • Accessories

original_men-s-leather-wallet-with-coin-pocket Leather is commonly used to manufacturer personal accessories, such as belts.