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Fashionista 101: How to Style Leather Pants

Many people find leather pants very stylish and guess what? they are right!. But, is choosing the right style of clothing with them that is the main issue. Honestly saying, leather pants are a great addition to the closet and can look great, if they are paired with correct item and worn correctly. Leather pants have definitely been in style forever, and they are more than intriguing. Whatever the occasion be, leather pants would surely be your safe bet. However, one has to be very careful while choosing how to wear those. The styling can go sometimes go wrong, and when that happens, you can be put off by leather pants forever. As chic and elegant they look, when they are worn correctly, one mistake in wearing them right can also make them look ridiculous and cheap. Thus, it is important to do your research well before wearing them and eventually, you will be making a style statement with these.

Stylish Tips to pair leather Pants

Leather pants come in different styles and designs. These are also available in different color choices that give you an opportunity to pick out the best one and also according to your color choice. There are many famous brands names which provide good quality and durable leather jeans; you just need to spend some amount of your pocket money in order to get them. It is a wrong belief that leather pants can only be worn for a night out. Leather pants can serve all purposes like giving you a chic look when needed, serve as office wear or can look very casual. However, the key in getting all these looks right is to know how exactly to wear them, pair them right and carry them well. Thus, owning a pair of leather pants can definitely be very helpful and make a good investment.
  • Look 1: Leather Pants With A Blouse

Yes, this may sound odd, but leather pants do look great and very elegant with a crisp fancy white shirt worn with a pair of heels and minimum accessories. They serve a better replacement for denim and would look very elegant. Wear a correct neck-piece, a bracelet or a watch and carry a handbag to give a perfect finish to this look.
  • Look 2: Leather Pants With Ankle Boots

Choose a leather pant really tight on the legs and with a slow cut and you can pair it with a feminine top with a structured blazer. Wear short heels with this which would make you look comfortable. Make sure that the top you choose is light colored and would go very well with the blazer that you choose.
  • Look 3: Leather Pants With A Leather Jacket

Pairing it with a leather jacket may look like an experiment to some but when done correctly; it will give off a very polished look. Wear a light colored tee-shirt like white or grey underneath the jacket. To give it a more chic look, try tying a contrasting color plaided shirt around your waist. This would act as a break-up between the jacket and the pants and would add some color to your look. Another option is wearing a scarf. Complete the look by wearing heels and a pair of shades.
  • Look 4: Leather Pants With A White Top And Flats

If you want a casual look, wearing a white shirt along with your leather pant and a pair of flats will be able to offer you what you desire. A denim vest or jacket will give you a cool and free look with the help of sneakers. Pair the leather pants with lace top would be a contrast, but in the end, it would look very elegant. Wear a long feminine lace top with your leather pants. You can also try wearing a sleek belt over the top and accessorize the look with a sling leather bag. However, this look can easily go wrong so be very careful while choosing the top and the belt. To finish off the look, you can wear a stylish hat and a pair of shades. For footwear, choose leather boots or heels.