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Get Rid Of The Pesky Sunscreen Stains On Your Leather Goods

We all know that using sunscreen is a necessity these days with all the global climate change right?. How many times we have found sunscreen stains in our clothes? a lot, probably more than we'd like to. It's the same when we talk about these pesky stains in our leather goods. For example, we go out with friends in a cloudy and chilly day with our favorite pair or peccary leather gloves and when we are taking our coffee we discover that our gloves have a whitey-yellowish stain thanks to our sunscreen or, maybe we go to the beach and after all the sunscreen we have to use to protect us we touch our leather bag with our goodies for the day only to discover at the end of the day that stain. Well, those are only 2 examples of what people tell us often and ask for advice on how to get rid of the stain without damaging the leather good. So, Fear no more our little peccary lovers, we are going to tell you how to do it with just a simple trick.

How to get rid of the sunscreen stains with...

So the first step will always be to blot. Blot up as much sunscreen as you can with a soft cloth. Don’t wipe, or else you’ll just be smearing the sunscreen back in. After the residue’s gone as much you can get it, you’ll want to use that handy ubiquitous cornstarch that’s somewhere in your pantry. In case it doesn’t show up (because we all know how things hide when we need them :D), baking soda also makes a killer substitute. Before you sprinkle the powder on, try to rub your leather. As you rub, friction builds up, which heats and loosens the lotion trapped within the leather’s pores. As an alternative, you can lightly touch up the surface with a slightly damp, warm rag. Blot up any moisture, and continue. Sprinkle your powder over the surface and let it sit for a night. Cornstarch and baking powder contain very absorbent properties that can actually pull contaminants out of leather’s surface when they set long enough. If your powder turns yellow in the morning, you’ll know your mission was a success. And that was it! hopefully, this little trick could help you with your sunscreen stain. Tell us all about it in the comments. ;)