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Glove Measurements And Sizing

The sizing of gloves is very important to show off them and feel very comfortable at the same time. After that said, the leather glove is not just all about exclusivity and high-quality materials. When it comes to sizing, it can be quite troublesome to know if it’s perfect for you or not by just looking at them. It gets even way harder if you’re planning to buy through a web page. It’s common to be doubtful or uncertain in this situation. But there are two well-known methods to recognize your glove size: the tap measure and the shoe method.

The tape measure method

You’ll need to use fabric tape to measure around your hand across your palm in inches (excluding the thumb). You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. Gloves sizes come in half and whole numbers, between 7½ and 11 for men and 6 and 8½ for women. For example, if your hand measures 8½ inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb), your glove size is 8½ (Note: one inch = 25.4mm).

The shoe method

Based on scientific sources, There’s a direct relation between foot size and globe size. This way of measuring is helpful when you can’t get a tape measure or when you’re buying a pair of gloves as a gift. For instance, for men, if your size is on the range of 8 to 8½, you should try S. And it’s the same pattern with women. The only point to keep in mind is the case if your size is on the range of 3 to 3½, XS/S are the recommendation. S is also a recommended size if your shoe size is on the range of 4 to 4½. As an additional note to add, if you’re between sizes, choose the smaller size. Gloves should be snug at first but will stretch.