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Guide To Tie Your Leather Shoes Laces

For leather dress shoes, it is conventional for the shoelaces to run straight across. This is a very easy way to lace your shoes and gives a sleek and professional look. As displayed by this pair, this simple design can be made more interesting by adding in a contrasting lace, either for the whole shoe or one row. Additionally, this way of lacing allows you to tie a bow at the tongue if that’s your style, or you can carry on to the top and tuck in the rest of the lace. The most popular lacing pattern is standard cross lacing. This is where the lace starts at the bottom of the, crosses over and threads through the top of the eyelet, as displayed by this pair of shoes. This design is usually used for boots and trainers, as it is most convenient for customizing for the best fit. Also, it gives support for the whole foot as runs the whole length to make them more secure. In terms of customizing, the crossed shoelace can be made as loose or as tight as you like. It is definitely a statement to lace boots loosely, giving them an edgier look. Similarly to the straight lace, you can change the top of the lace to tie at the ankle or tuck them into the leather shoe for a cleaner look. It is easy to play about with shoelaces in order to mix up the look as they can be completely tailored to the individual. Bringing in a bright color to an otherwise plain leather shoe or with the pattern of the laces themselves is a perfect way to add interest to your footwear in a subtle way.