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How To Accessorize Your Leather Jacket This Winter (Dos & Don'ts)

We all know the right accessories can make or break an outfit. And while you can wear accessories the whole year, they are particularly tricky in the winter season. Maybe is because the layers we use or it could be the cold tones, however, the cold weather and seasonal transition associated with this time of year offers the perfect opportunity for fashion-conscious individuals like yourself to reevaluate your wardrobe. Assuming you plan to wear your leather jacket this winter, you should follow these dos and don’ts of accessorizing your leather jacket.

The Dos:

  • Wear Matching Footwear

You should wear footwear in the same color as your jacket. IIf you’re sporting a black leather jacket, for example, your shoes shoes or boots should be black as well. If you’re wearing a brown leather jacket, they should be brown. Following this rule will help you create a more cohesive outfit in which your leather jacket flows naturally with your footwear.
  • Choose Warm Fabrics

You always have to consider the amount of warmth and protection from the elements that your jacket will offer but also of the accessories you decide to pair up with them. The temperature can quickly drop during the winter. You can keep warm and comfortable during the winter, however, by accessorizing your leather jacket with warm fabrics. A thick wool scarf, for instance, is guaranteed to keep you warm. You can also wear gloves or mittens to protect your hands from the cold weather.
  • Go for Quality Over Quantity

It’s Not the amount of accessories you wear this winter that matters most. Rather, it’s the quality of your accessories. Just one or two high-quality, name-brand fashion accessories will prove far more valuable in enhancing your appearance than a half-dozen or more low-quality, generic-brand accessories. Therefore, you should focus on fewer, higher quality accessories when creating your winter outfits.

The Don'ts:

  • Wear Too Much Jewelry

Don't wear too much Jewelry. There’s no need to wear a half-dozen pieces of jewelry. Instead, try to limit the number of pieces you wear to about three. You might want to wear a necklace, earrings and a ring, for example. Wearing four or more pieces of a jewelry tends to draw attention away from your clothes while creating an overly messy appearance in the process.
  • Wear The Same Accessories Too Many Times

Of course, you shouldn’t wear the same accessories too many times this winter. So, how many times can you wear the same accessory? It varies depending on the type of accessories, the occasion and other factors. However, it’s usually best to change your accessories at least once every three days. You can wear the same accessory or accessories on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, for example. On Thursday, however, you should change up your outfit to include other accessories. By switching up your accessories, you’ll create a more eye-catching and dynamic appearance that ultimately enhances your self-image