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How to be stylish with a leather jacket in winter

When we talk about winter we always think in this bulky jackets that probably doesn't always look good but it doesn't have to be that way and we are going to tell you how in this post. 


Is it leather good for winter?

As soon as winter comes the best idea is look for warm winter jackets. The snow, the cold temperatures and fluffy warm blankets only make us want to stay inside the house but who said that is the only thing you can do when there's million of activities you can do in winter right?. Leather is one amazing fabric that you can use to enjoy the cold winter days outside. 

Usually, there's two types of outwear in winter: coats and jackets. Coats are made in so many different materials and lenghts and jackets the same but the difference is that jackets can make you look very stylish if combined with a good shirt or sweater for example. Leather jackets are a classic that will never go out of style and is know for its durability and confiness. We always recommend going for a genuine leather jacket. 

Ways to style your leather jacket in winter

There are different ways to use your leather jacket that you should know about. First, the lenght of your jacket will play a role in determining the attire to use and second, the size and color of your jacket will also play an important role in how you will use it with yourr outfit. 

Leather jackets will always look good in different settings and with many different outfits. Also, they look good in pretty much any season but winter is very special since we tend to use many layers to keep ourselves warm. 

For women, you can use leather jackets with a pair of jeans and boots, with party dresses, with heels, with blouses, with tshirts, the combinations are infinite. You can wear a leather jacket whether if you are going out of town as if you are going to an event. They will make you look in any scenario and also very stylish. 

Also, for men, they are one of the basic pieces of clothing they can own and it can be matched with a cool pair of ripped jeans, some blue or dark jeans and even slacks for those who are fashion forward. 

Now the question many of you have.. 


Can I wear a leather jacket in the coldest winter?

YES!, leather jackets when used with some layers can be use even in the coldest winter. Many leather jackets are lined with fur or faux fur, merino wool or other warm fabrics, so no matter what you decide to use under the jacket you will still be very warm using a leather jacket.