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How to care for leather items in winter

Leather pieces are very beautiful but also they can be very sensitive when it comes to care about them. They require attention and a good cleaning and conditioning if we want the pieces to last as longer as they can. 

Although leather can be very tough as a material, is important to have a cleaning routine and conditioning to keep them looking good when they are submitted to weather changes, rain, snow, and also many uses daily since you can take it off a couple of times per day if you are out and visit a cafe or restaurant where we usually just take off our coats to go inside. 

Usually, we recommend to do the cleaning and conditioning 2-3 times per year to protect your leather items for years. 


Guide to take care of your leather items

  1. Wipe the surface with a semi damp cloth and then allow for the leather item to air dry. Always clean your leather first as its the first step to keep them looking good for as long as possible. 
  2. Another way to clean your leather piece is with a microfiber cloth designed especifically for cleaning leather. 
  3. Since the cold in the winter can make your leather item shrink and become brittle, and summer or sunny days can make the color fade in your piece, we recommend not to leave your leather item under extreme weather or expose it for too long. 
  4. Try to dry the leather if there's any moisture or water from rain for example as it can be damaging if not quickly removed. 
  5. Remember to moisturize with proper conditioning products for leather. Leather is a natural skin even after procesing so they also need some conditioning to maintain the softness and look of the leather. 
  6. Store your leather clothes in dry spaces and if possible, with dust covers that leave them breathe. Avoid humid places and also keep it separate from other types of clothing. 
  7. Apply leather oils or creams regularly to maintain the luster or shine of the leather.