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How To Care For White Leather

Do you remember when you bought that white leather couch in the store and you thought it would stay like that forever?. Well, we were all wrong. While leather can be absolutely breathtaking the first few days after buying it, eventually grim reality dawns. White leather shows absolutely everything. There will not be a scuff, dust granule, or microscopic tuft of lint present on our leather that will not stand out like a sore thumb to the scrutinous eye. All these imperfections make your leather lose value and kill the effect of cleanliness, which was probably why you chose that color anyway. But don't worry, we're going to tell you some tips to make your leather look pristine like the day you bought it.

Tips to keep your white leather looking as good as new

  • The rule of white leather and white.. everything.. is to keep it covered when you are not using it to avoid needless dust expose. If we are talking about a bag keep it in its dust bag, if it shoes in a dust cover and so on. Also, if you are the proud owner of a white leather couch, try putting up a blanket over it.
  • Keep your leather goods away from heat and humidity. Too much heat, cold or dry air will parch your leather, causing it to dry out and crack.
  • Spot clean dust whenever you see it. Just grab a clean and damp cloth and rub the area.
  • After a cleaning session is always recommended to apply a conditioner.
  • For cleaner, we highly recommend to look for a leather cleaner (specially formulated for the type of leather you are going to use it) and to apply it evenly across the white leather with gentle, circular strokes. After you have spread the cleaner evenly, wipe off any excess fluid with a dry cloth an leave the leather to dry in a cool, indoor place away from sunlight.
  • Alright, after the leather good is dried, you should apply a conditioner to restore the leather's moisture that it lost while you were cleaning it. So, apply the conditioner to the entire item with a cloth or applicator pad in circular strokes to avoid streaking, and buff the remaining conditioner off and leave it to dry for an hour in the same place. Remove any remaining conditioner with a soft cloth.
  • Cleaning and conditioning should be done twice a year. By doing this you will prevent your white leather from yellowing.