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How To Care For Your Baseball Glove

America and especially Latin America has a growing fascination for baseball. If you were a kid on any American country then you probably were in a baseball camp, a mini-league, etc etc. Leather gloves are part of this sport and we know that this item can lose its softness and can be damaged really quickly without a proper care. That's why we are going to give you some tips on how to protect your leather baseball glove.

Tips to protect your leather baseball glove

Please invest in a full grain leather baseball glove because those are the ones it will last a lifetime with you. They can be made of cow and pigskin. We also recommend you that you go with cow leather since is more durable for this sport.
  • First, clean your gloves with an alcohol-based cleaner. Take a soft cloth, get it wet with the cleaner and start removing the dirt on them.
  • Remember to test it first in a discreet area and check results after drying. You should do this with all leather treatments.
  • Let the glove dry for a bit in a cool, shady place away from sunlight.
  • You might find your baseball glove incredibly dry and as you know leather can't make new oils on its own. So, the next step is to apply some conditioner.
  • Grab a new, clean cloth, and apply a leather conditioner that leaves a nice matte finish in your leather glove. Don't forget to apply it in thin layers and only the necessary, so it can be absorbed and you won't drown your leather in conditioner.
  • Let it dry again in a cool, shady place away from sunlight.
After all these steps you'll find your baseball glove with a soft and supple texture, and we can assure you that it won't even squeak when you flex it.