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How To Choose The Right Bag For Your Trip

Alright, today we are getting down to business.. or is it travel business?. Anyway, wether you are planning a holiday trip, a business trip or maybe just a family one, you'll need the perfect bag for the occasion. Let's take a look at these different leather bags so you can choose the right bag for your trip.

Bags For Travels

  • Holdalls

Holdalls are normally rectangular shaped with a comfortable handle making them easy to carry on the go. They are often lighter than a trolley case but offer just as much packing space with multiple compartments. Leather holdalls are available in a variety of stylish designs and are light, durable, and flexible, making them ideal for overnight trips, road trips, or weekends away.
  • Suit Carriers

Suit carriers are essential for business trips, formal events, and occasions when you need to protect formal clothing during transportation. Leather suit carriers shield your clothing when traveling and prevent items from creasing. You suit or jacket is not folded and can be hung up on a hanger within the bag to ensure its protection.
  • Trolleys

Trolleys make perfect cabin bags as their size is accepted by most airlines. Trolleys are like holdalls but with wheels, making them suitable for heavier luggage that is more difficult to carry. Trolleys allow you to instead roll your luggage around to take the weight off for easier transportation. With a telescopic handle, smooth inline wheels, and plenty of space and pockets, trolleys act as a mini suitcase that you can live out of on weekends away, a week’s holiday, or a longer trip.
  • Carry-On Cases

Carry-on cases are hand luggage that you can take with you on your flight so that you can keep all your essentials close to hand when traveling. They are designed for airline size restrictions so that you can avoid checked in luggage and the extra costs and waiting that comes with it. Leather carry-on cases come in a range of different styles and are easy to carry, and with multiple internal and external pockets, they are designed for weekends away, short weeks, or business trip.
  • Wash & Toiletry Bags

Wash and toiletry bags are a must-have for every trip to pack your bathroom essentials. There are multiple types and styles of leather wash bag – those that are small and zip up, and those that button up and fold out on a hanger. This small toiletry bag can fit into your bigger luggage bag and has many different areas for shaving equipment, soap, shampoo, toothbrush, and all your toiletries.
  • Backpacks

Backpacks are the ultimate bag for day trips and everyday use or as an extra bag for longer trips. Leather backpacks are comfortable, convenient, versatile, and durable, allowing you to carry your everyday essentials with you everywhere you go.
  • Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is like a satchel-suitcase-backpack hybrid. With one sleek fold-over flap and shoulder strap, they are smarter than a backpack but more casual than a briefcase. Use a leather messenger bag to carry your laptop or personal belongings on a business trip or an additional bag on holiday.
  • Briefcases

Briefcases are essential for your next business trip. Classic, sleek, and stylish, briefcases are a must-have for every professional. Normally in a rectangular shape in either smart black or brown, use a leather briefcase to carry documents, electronics, or anything you need for that important business meeting.
  • Laptop Bags

A laptop bag is a nimble, slim case perfect for transporting your laptop or tablet. They come with multiple different compartments for your pens, documents, charger, and cardholder, and are made from durable material to keep your laptop protected and safe. Laptop sleeves are ideal if you need your laptop for a business trip or you want to take your laptop away with you on holiday.
  • Flight Bags

A flight bag is a small, lightweight, easy-to-carry, over-the-shoulder bag with a buckled flap that allows you to easily carry all your small essentials for the flight. Use it as your personal bag on the flight and take your wallet, tickets, travel documents, passport, phone, pen, book, and more with you wherever you go, whether on a day trip, a weekend away, or longer holiday.