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How To clean Dust Off Your Leather Goods

Dust, dust, dust... It's everywhere don't you think? Wherever we look up there it is. It layers our cabinets, riddles our TVs, and now, it’s got an agenda against your priceless leather sofa, your beautiful leather handbag or even your shoes.

So, how do we dust off our leather goods?. Here are a few tips:

  • For routine layers of dust, a slightly damp, lint-free cloth will suffice. Make sure the cloth is slightly damp. Water in excess can actually damage leather.
  • Your goal is for the cloth to be damp enough to pick up the dust particles, and not interact too much with the leather itself.
  • Afterward, you can use a soft, bristle brush to get in the leather’s grains and pull out the stragglers.
  • If your leather goods have been neglected for a while, they might need another treatment. Leather cleaners are an effective tool to pull dirt and debris caught deep in leather’s pores. Veer away from commercial leather cleaners, as these have an incompatible pH that will cause your leather harm. Instead, use a pH balanced recipe specifically designed for use on leather.
  • Gently rub your leather cleaner in a discreet area to test for color rub off, discoloration or any other side effects that may result on your type of leather. If it’s good to go, apply it in thin, even layers. Once the surface is covered, wipe off any residue and leave your leather in a cool, clean area away from sunlight and heat to dry.

What to do after the cleaning?

If you are a follower of our blogs, then you probably know the answer to this. You must apply a leather conditioner to protect your leather good but, also you can use it as a clean duster. Leather conditioners have qualities that will help shield your leather from absorbing dust in the future. While you may temporarily deal with more dust attraction, as the leather conditioner has time to absorb, it will fill into the leather’s pores and prevent dust from working its way in and causing more serious damage. Use as much as you feel the leather needs, and give it time to set in your familiar cool, clean location.