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How To Clean Ink Stains From Leather

Ink stains are a very common catastrophe. But, is not the end of the world so don't panic. While ink is a resilient pest, and more difficult to clean out of leather than most other materials, it can be removed. Act fast, and it will find no foothold in your leather valuables. Keep handy these tips about how to clean ink from your leather and remember that ink that has had time to seat for two days or more is unlikely to be removed, so do not delay this if this happens.

How To Clean Ink Stains

  • Know your leather

Before starting with any cleaning process is important that you know which type of leather you have. This will determine the right treatment for it. If it is “naked” or unfinished leather, the ink will directly affect the leather and might require more drastic measures to get it clean. If it is “treated” or finished leather, it will have a layer of protection over it that helps protect it from being harmed by liquids, or in this case, ink.
  • First, try to Blot

Before using any leather care products to clean ink stains, try blotting the ink up with a clean, dry paper towel. This is particularly effective if you catch the stain right away. Avoid the temptation to rub, even if you think the rigorous action will help you get your frustration out, that will only cause the stain to set. Instead, you should gently blot, occasionally lifting the paper towel to see your progress.
  • Then, it's time to clean your leather Item

You can use leather cleaners with the right pH balance for the type of leather you own or you can use a mixture of warm water and mild soap.Of course, as with any cleaning method, try this in an area of the product that you cannot see to ensure that no damage occurs. Once you know it is safe, use the same blotting method that you used above and gently blot the ink out. If this is unsuccessful, do not panic! There are still two more things that you can try: rubbing alcohol and a commercial leather cleaner are both reliable methods to clean ink stains. If you decide to try rubbing alcohol, simply dab a cotton ball or cotton swab in the liquid and lightly wipe the stain away. And if you use a commercial leather cleaner the same method applies, rub a small portion and wipe gently to remove the ink stain.