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How To Clean Leather Hats

You can find leather hats in every shape and style. They can keep you warm against winter winds and they can make you look so great you'll probably make quite a fashion statement whenever you are using one. With proper care, they can last forever and today we're going to tell you some tips about how to clean them and how is the proper way to store them.

How to Clean Tanned Leather Hats

Tanned leather is sold in two grades:

  • Aniline: Aniline leather is a full grain leather that has been treated with the chemical aniline. This is the most common type of leather used for jackets and hats.
  • Nappa: The highest grade leather, Nappa leather is very soft, supple, and uses a full grain sheep or lamb hide.
Alright so, the key to keeping a tanned leather hat looking its best and protecting you from the weather is how you treat it before you ever wear it outside. Always ask the seller about the finish of the leather and be sure that the leather is properly treated with a leather protector. If the hat is less expensive or purchased at a second-hand shop, you can purchase leather protector products in both liquid or spray-on formulas. The protector helps repel water and prevents stains on the leather surface. The protector products should be reapplied at least yearly or more often if your hat is frequently exposed to harsh weather.

There are a few other tips that you should follow to prevent damage to your leather hat:

  • Do not apply hairspray, perfume, or cologne while wearing your leather hat. The alcohol will dry out and stain the leather. Use the products and allow them to dry completely before putting on the hat.
  • Never attach badges, pins, tape, or stick-on labels to leather. It will mar the finish.
  • Have a professional attach any emblems or embroidery to the leather surface. Holes caused by incorrect stitching are nearly impossible to remove.
However, when a tanned leather hat loses it good looks, treat it with a commercial leather conditioner or dressing. Avoid saddle soap or harsh cleaners. If the hat is really dirty and must be "washed" always condition it as soon as it is dry.
If you do get caught in a rainstorm, wipe the hat with a soft, white cloth, turn down the inner sweatband, and allow it to air dry naturally away from direct sunlight and high heat. Dry on a hat form, if possible, to prevent shrinking and misshaping the brim. When completely dry, apply leather conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

How to Store Leather Hats

Storing your hat properly will prevent many problems. Stored in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Avoid any location that has excessive moisture; even a closet near a bathroom. If you are concerned about dust, use a hat box or cover the hat with a cloth garment bag or cotton sheet. NEVER store in a plastic bag that could trap moisture and promote mildew.