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How To Clean Pet Urine From Leather

You might have that cute little puppy or your old big dog. But the truth is that pets and leather don't go hand in hand. We have to be extra careful when our pets decide to join us on our leather couch or when we let them alone in the house while we are distracted. It only takes one moment for them to pee in your beautiful leather couch or love seat when you are not watching because why not right?. Well, today we're going to tell you how to clean pet urine from your leather furniture.

What You Need To Do clean Pet Urine From Your Leather

  • Clean it and remain calm

The first step is to remain calm because those poor puppies are not at fault. Besides, unpleasant odors and stains are not the end of the world, so move quickly and clean the mess. Is better that way believe us. next step is to clean up the accident. If the pee is fresh when you find it (count yourself really lucky), absorb the pet urine with a paper towel. Dab on it never wipe. Remember that smearing will only make the mess worse. After absorbing as much as you can with the paper towel you'll have to clean the spot with a leather cleaner. Use a small amount and apply it with circular motions. If urine successfully penetrates your leather and gets into the stuffing, it can be difficult to remove. Instead, locate the zipper on your leather item and take all that stuffing out. If your leather does not have a zipper, follow these same steps and move quickly to prevent the urine from contacting the stuffing. After you have applied leather cleaner on the affected spot, clean out the stuffing with an enzyme or bacteria based cleaner, or a homemade combination cleaning recipe. While you can’t exactly scrub stuffing, you can wash it in the sink or bathtub just like you would for hand-washable apparel. Once the stuffing is cleaned, allow it to dry completely before placing it back inside your leather. The best way to do this is to allow the stuffing to dry outside under sunlight, which helps dissipate the odor more effectively. Lastly, you'll have to let it dry. Unlike the stuffing, leather can't be exposed to sunlight or UV light because it will be damaged. Instead, let it dry indoors.