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How to clean suede shoes

As you probably know, suede is a created from leather. Is usually the shaved reverse of the leather skin and its smootheness is part of why we love them in any item but specially in shoes. 



Shoes in general are bound the get dirty with the daily use but suede shoes can be tricky to clean due to the material, and since it is part of the leather world we need some special care for this type of product as well. Here are some cleaning tips for cleaning suede shoes:

Step 1

Before any cleaning you need to make sure you have a cleaning kit that includes a brush, also you need to remove the laces (if they have any), and lastly place tissue paper inside to they don't deform while you are cleaning them.

Step 2

Be mindful of the type of the stain you are cleaning: 

  1. If you are dealing with mud stains, just gently brush in the same direction as the natural grain of the fabric to give your suede set a smooth appearance. 
  2. If you’re dealing with more stubborn stains like food, wine, or salt, you may have to turn to white vinegar to get them off. Grab a clean cloth, pour a bit of white vinegar on it, and gently rub the affected area. Let the vinegar dry then give your suede shoes a final brushing to get any remaining stains out.
  3. For grease and oil damage, a suede eraser will get the job done. Gently rub the stain with your eraser and apply pressure as needed.

After all, clumps and stains have been removed, use a clean bath towel to give your shoe a final gently wipe down. Make sure you wipe in the direction of the grain and avoid any vigorous motions.

Cleaning water damage on suede shoes

Water and suede is never a good combination, and water damage can leave a lasting effect on your suede shoes. If you notice water on your shoe early on, grab a paper towel and apply pressure to the affected area. If you keep the paper towel in place until most of the moisture has been soaked up, you just might be able to avoid a stain altogether.

For shoes that have already been stained by water, a “fight fire with fire” mentality is key. Evenly brush a thin layer of water across the whole upper part of your shoe. Then, use a dry cloth to soak up any excess water and gently dab your shoe to ensure all parts of it are equally wet. Place a blank piece of paper inside your shoe to soak up the remaining water and leave your shoes out to dry overnight. When you retrieve your kicks the next day, give them a brush, and they’ll be good as new.  

We hope these tips and information helps you to keep your suede shoes shinning for the longest time.