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How to Disinfect Leather and Kill the COVID-19

Today we are going to give you a few instructions on how to clean and disinfect your leather (and maybe other surfaces too, now that we are on it right?) in a way that anyone can understand. We know that sometimes all the weird instructions given by scientifics are not really clear so here you will find a guide on disinfecting your surfaces that have been written by scientifics and cleaning professionals in a language we all can understand.

First, is really important that we are clear on these terms: Cleaning and Disinfecting. Cleaning refers to the action of removing germs from surfaces while disinfecting refers to killing the germs. So you see? we will actually need to do both to be free of COVID-19.

In recent studies have been proved that what kills or neutralizes the virus is when the outer shell dries out or is damaged. This shell is like a thin protective layer that the virus has around it and that when it's dry then it makes it die. It also has been proved that the COVID-19 can be neutralized in 15 seconds but sometimes when you clean or disinfect a surface this can take up to 5 mins to dry and sucessfully kill the virus. So, since we want to be really really safe then we will clean and disinfect as our best bet.

The Instructions

leather gloves and sun

Please follow this instructions to clean your leather gloves, leather bags or leather goods as any surface you might be in contact with often:

  1. Keep your floor clean. Remember that droplets can come out of the mouth or even come with the wind and land on the floor. So, let's be safe and clean our floors very often.
  2. Get the leather goods exposed to the sun.
  3. Let the air flow. You can leave things outside for air movement or even can let the windows open so the air can flow through your space (home, office, etc)
  4. Always wipe the surfaces. That way you can remove the COVID-19 totally.
  5. Wipe the surfaces with soap and HOT water. This is very effective on leather items.
  6. Don't shake things. Especially clothes when you remove it from being outside, or never shake your leather gloves.
  7. Set washing machines to use HOT water and extra rinse.
  8. Blow dry your things with a blowdryer. You can dry your leather gloves after a good cleaning and disinfecting with a blowdryer if the sun is not an option.
  9. If you are in Winter season just turn on the heat at home and dry that virus to death.
  10. Never use bleach on leather goods but please use bleach in every non porous surfaces.
  11. Don't get your mail or shopping deliveries of non essentials at least for 48 hours. Let your mail or boxes just sit at your front door for 48 hours and let the virus (we can never be sure) to die.
  12. Park your car in the sun and roll your windows up so the heat can dry and kill or weaken the virus.
  13. Boil things (food and even clothes) for at least 5 minutes.
  14. Remember to dilute 1/3 cup of bleach to one gallon of water to clean the surfaces.

These are certainly weird times but, overreacting is a good thing. Remember that you will never regret having disinfected the leather goods or surfaces but you will regret not having cleaned or disinfect if someone close to you or even you catch the COVID- 19.