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How To Fix Wrinkled Leather

Let's start by saying that wrinkles are the most horrid sight in the world to some, especially when viewed inside of a mirror. it symbolizes grit and resilience – wisdom gleaned from many years of hard-earned survival. Your answer to this contentious phenomenon will likely depend on your age. For your leather, less so. Wrinkled leather certainly has a unique charm to it. Of course, leather also looks good without aging. But for some, leather is better when is aged. There are even lots of stories of how leather goods survived from one generation to other. Alright. so The first thing you should probably figure out is how you got your wrinkled leather in the first place. It does not necessarily signify age, but leather wrinkles can develop with time, just like human skin. Don’t let it bother you. There are many other ways wrinkled leather can develop. Piling objects on top of your leather and stuffing it into tight places for extended periods of time can cause it to bend and flex unnaturally. Likewise, if you are wearing a pair of boots too large for your feet, or a big jacket with lots of slack, that slack can cause creases as they repeatedly fold in and out with movement. Even well-kept leather can develop wrinkles with use. Sometimes wrinkled leather may be inevitable, but you can go a long way to combating it by keeping it out of situations where it is likely to get squashed.

The two methods to remove wrinkles of your leather

  • The Shrink Method:

For getting rid of those pesky wrinkles, the first approach to try is your shower. leave it hanging outside the shower, away from any direct moisture, and let steam build up over the course of about 15 minutes. While warm water is frolicking about and falling down the drain, that steam is going to be bulging up getting very friendly with your leather, turning it pliable. At this point, you will want to work the crease out with your hands, pushing leather away until the wrinkle is no longer visible. After this, take a soup spoon that’s recently been boiled in hot water (not wet, mind you, just hot), and rub the surface with the rounded back of it. The crease should become significantly less visible. Now turn off the shower and get your leather and yourself out of that steam before you fall asleep on the floor. It’s also a good idea to fill your leather out a bit while this is going on – stuffing shoes with a shoe tree or bags with newspapers, for example, will help the leather to dry out to its natural shape, and wood and paper products will particularly help to absorb any excess moisture that may harm your leather. Following this, your leather’s going to be rather parched, as the moisture that it did absorb from that steam will have dried it out a bit. You will want to lubricate it again with some leather conditioner
  • The Strech Method:

The second method to curing your wrinkled leather is to use a bit of alcohol. Alcohol has the happy effect of helping leather to stretch when it is flexed with the alcohol in it. Basically, the drunker it is, the more open-minded it gets, see? This may sound bad, but it’s something healthy leather already does quite frequently (not drinking, mind you – stretching!), and has been for quite a long time. Still, bear in mind that alcohol has the additional effect of drying leather out, so you’ll want to be careful about how many times you feed it to your leather, and always follow up with leather conditioning. Coincidentally, alcohol, in addition to fixing wrinkles, also cleans leather. You should be warned that not all leather responds to alcohol very well, so if you are using suede or unfinished leather, you may be better off trying the shower trick. If finished leather’s what you’ve got, alcohol is the perfect choice for you. After you’ve tested your leather cleaner, try to use your fingers and palms to reshape the wrinkled leather before you apply any alcohol. Once you’ve uncreased it as much as you can, blot the wrinkle with a thin layer of your leather cleaner on a lint-free cloth or applicator pad. Do this until the leather feels damp, but do not soak it. After this, knead the wrinkled leather with your fingers and palm again, putting tension on the crease. Then, push away from the crease on both sides, and repeat until it is invisible. Afterward, blot up any excess fluids and allow it to dry completely. Since there’s a chance your alcohol may dry unevenly with the rest of the leather and leave a spot, it might be a good idea to clean the entire leather piece when you do this.