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How To Package your Leather Goods for Traveling or Moving

You might have wondered sometime in your life about this right?. Often, we receive inquiries about how is the best way to package leather or how to care and storage for leather when traveling or moving. Well, when packing leather clothing, it's important to take extra care to protect the goods, especially if you will be storing them for a period of time.

3 Tips to package or storage your leather goods:

  • Don't wrap leather in plastic

Plastic can trap moisture or melt in high temperatures. You should never wrap leather goods in plastic or place them into plastic vacuum sealed bags. Always wrap leather in acid-free paper to protect it from condensation and humidity and place the goods into boxes.
  • Fold coats, don't hang

While wardrobe boxes are effective specialty cartons for hanging delicate pieces of clothing during a move, leather jackets are usually better protected when folded and placed into a box. Hanging the jackets for long periods of time can cause them to lose their shape, stretch or crack.
  • Store in climate-controlled units only

If you must store your leather clothing for a period of time during or after your move, be sure to opt for a climate-controlled facility. High temperatures and humidity can cause serious damage to your leather.