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How To Protect Your Leather Goods From UV Radiation

You might be surprised by how common is to have your expensive leather good damaged by the sun. There’s a lot to like about sunlight. It’s warm and happy and refreshing, gets us our healthy daily dose of Vitamin D, and keeps our potted plants blooming all fragrant-like. There’s also a lot not to like about sunlight, be it sunburns, ultraviolet radiation, or excruciatingly sweltering heat. Sunburns can give us some empathy for our leather, which suffers most at sunlight’s latter two harms: heat and UV rays. Also, heat can be dangerous for leather. Remember, we can use to shrink leather goodies, then now you can imagine how UV radiation can be even more dangerous. This, can cause your leather to prematurely age and break down on a molecular level. But, we are going teach you how to protect your leather items from UV damage right over here.

Tips To Protect Your Leather Goods From UV Radiation

Step 1:

  • Clean the leather good with a specially formulated leather cleaner. Alcohol cleaners are partilary effective here, as they penetrate the leather pores more deeply than other cleaners.
  • After the cleaning let your leather dry naturally.

Step 2:

  • After the leather has dried completely, apply a leather conditioner. Considering your leather good was affected by UV damage, you will have to find for a UV repellent conditioner. That way you can protect your leather item from future radiation damage.

Step 3:

  • Apply your conditioner gently, in light and even layers, giving only as much as naturally absorbs. You may require several sessions to completely restore the texture. That’s okay. As long as you do not over-conditioner your leather (applying more conditioner than the leather can naturally absorb), you should begin to notice the texture being restored within a week.
Cleaning and conditioning is a way to refresh your leather by clearing out its pores and restoring its vital oils and nutrients.