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How to Remove a Salt Stain From Your Leather Shoes

If you are accustomed to snow then you are accustomed to salt stains too. This white gold has been an extraordinarily valuable commodity all throughout history. It was the refrigerator before refrigerators were cool, a stand-in for money, and a magic spice to give pork chops that savory edge. Today, it also helps us keep our roads free of hazardous freeze-overs and their subsequent pileups. However, salt does not help out at all when you are wearing your cute leather winter boots and it has a knack for leaving the most painfully visible leather salt stain you'll ever have the misfortune of wearing. Before you know it, little white rims are wrapped around your soles and spiraling upwards, bunkered in so tightly you think your shoes are possessed.

Sodium in your Shoes

During the leather tanning process, salt is among many of the preservatives used to get your leather in shape. It’s got a place, deep, deep inside your leather. Unfortunately, lots of wetness can bring it right back up to the surface, and it throws a tantrum in the form of those white spots.
  • So how do we get rid of them?

Just 2 words and 1 product our lovely leather lovers: Distilled Vinegar. Make sure the vinegar you use is mild, lest its pH level harm your leather. You’ll want to mix it in a vat of cold water first and apply your potion to the leather’s surface with a clean, lint-free cloth. Rub gently, and don’t get the leather too wet. Only rub the leather enough for the stain to disappear. You may need to do this in multiple times. And that's it guys, you can get rid of the salt stain that simply. Also, remember to clean and protect the leather after any treatment, to prevent damage in your leather goods. You must use a conditioner and a waterproof product to make sure this winter season won't be the last for your shoes or any leather good. :)