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How To Rock A Leather Jacket In The Rainy Days

Rain is the invisible enemy of leather jackets (and our lovely hair right girls?). The rainy season is a hoot. Everything is clean and glistening. The air is fresh and breezy. But Who doesn’t love the rain? even when it messes a little with our plans. Of course, too much rain can be a little bothersome especially when it comes to winter clothing. Leather, however, is a little different and the most commonly used leather product is a leather jacket. There are many benefits of a leather jacket. It is strong, functional and extremely durable. However, leather is still quite susceptible to damage; particularly the kind resulting from moisture. A small amount of moisture is not a problem for the tough and mighty leather, but when exposed to a prolonged period, moisture can cause significant leather damage. It settles into the pores of the leather and results in the formation of mildew and mold; both of which are extremely damaging and hard to repair.

Advantages Of Using Leather Jackets In The Rainy Season

  • Leather jackets are waterproof

The outer leather layer allows the water to slide off of it thereby exhibiting a fantastic water-repelling quality. The rain, when it hits the leather jacket, forms little beads and rolls off leading the jacket and the wearer rain-proof. Hooded leather jackets are the best for the rainy season serving a dual function of a jacket and a raincoat.
  • Leather Jackets are Lightweight

Leather jackets seem heavy, but they actually are not. By design, leather jackets are relatively lightweight and wearable. Perfect for layering, you can wear your jacket over other layers to keep you protected if the rain and the accompanying wind gets too harsh. In the rain, it is already quite difficult to manage things according to the situation. A heavy outer layer only makes it worse. A lightweight leather jacket should be the one for this time of the year.
  • They Are Breathable

While some may think waterproofing and breathing ability do not go hand in hand but with a leather jacket, they do. In addition to being waterproof, leather jackets come with an inner lining that is usually made with different materials. All the materials used are designed to be breathable so that moisture cannot build up in them. If by any chance moisture does find its way into the jacket, it is nothing that air drying cannot fix. Additionally, this feature allows heat and sweat to evaporate from the jacket; a great feature to manage internal heat regulation. Stay comfortable and dry in a leather jacket this rainy season.