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How To Spot A Genuine Leather Handbag: Tips And Tricks

It can be tough to shop for a genuine leather handbag these days. There are always so many fakes on the market. People are constantly trying to sell leather handbags that are anything but authentic. The problem is that they’re often trying to pass them off as being 100 percent genuine and real. That can be troubling to people who care about their hard-earned money. If you don’t want to make the mistake of wasting your money on a leather handbag that isn’t what its seller claims, you need to get smart. You have to learn useful tips and tricks that can help you quickly and easily pinpoint the differences between genuine and fake leather handbags. If you take the time to learn, you’ll be a seasoned expert in no time.

Check these tips and tricks:

  • Gaze carefully at the leather bag

leather satchel This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s actually extremely important. Inspect the bag closely and carefully. Search for a label. If it says anything about “rexine” or “pleather,” that’s not good news. Those words indicate that the bag is not genuine leather and therefore not what you want. Steer clear of any bags that include synthetic materials of any varieties. It’s also crucial to cautiously assess the pattern that’s seen on the surface of the bag. Ask yourself if the pattern is consistent or not. Authentic leather, in short, is bona fide animal skin. That’s why it tends to have subtle flaws. Authentic leather has a surface structure that’s never perfectly smooth and even. If the surface of the bag you’re looking at seems suspiciously flawless, that’s usually a big warning sign. Your next step should be to evaluate the seams of the bag. Artificial materials tend to be on the thin side. Authentic leather is totally different in this department. It tends to be quite dense. It has sides that are hard and granular, too.
  • Focus on the texture of the leather bag

leather bag 2 Texture is also a key component for anyone who wants to learn how to properly distinguish between genuine and fake leather bags. Massage the surface of the bag in question. If it’s fake, it should feel a little too “perfect” and even. If it’s real, it should be a lot less consistent. It should also have a bit more warmth to it.
  • Think about the weight of the bag

leather bag 3 If you want to figure out if a leather bag is the real deal or not, it can help you significantly to think about how much it weighs. If you take all studs, zippers and buckles out of the equation, you should notice that authentic leather is considerably heavier than its fake counterparts. Genuine leather bags never feel overly light. Bags that are suspiciously light should be automatic red lights to people who are searching for authenticity.
  • Concentrate on how the bag smells

leather bag 4 It can also be wise to consider the basic scent of the bag. Hold the bag up to your nose. Then proceed to take in its scent. Leather that isn’t real consists of synthetic components. It, because of that, tends to have a smell that’s a lot like plastic or glue. Authentic leather is a whole other ballgame. It’s true skin and boasts a distinctive yet highly appealing leather smell.
  • Save yourself the hassle

leather bag 5 These tips and tricks can do wonders for people who want to make sure they buy authentic items. If you want to save yourself the hassle of having to inspect any leather bag on your own, however, your best bet is always to limit yourself to stores and sellers that have solid reputations. Don’t try to buy any leather bag from a seller on the Internet who has a shady history. Go with a seller who gets a lot of positive reviews from customers. Choose a seller who has been in the business of leather bags for quite some time, too. Leather handbags are often extremely costly. It can be extremely painful to spend a lot of money on something that’s a total fake.