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How To Style A Beige Leather Jacket

If you are a leather jacket lover, then you know that the choices are endless, forms, fitting, colors, etc. There are so many choices that sometimes is hard to choose only one but, if you go for a classic look then you also know that black and beige are your best option. Today we are going to talk about that gorgeous beige leather jacket you choose but you don't know how to style yet.

According to Wikipedia, aviators and members of the military wore brown leather jackets during flights in the early 1900s. By the Second World War, this ensemble came to be known as bomber jackets and was used by pilots for protection against the harsh weather conditions of higher altitudes.

However, it wasn’t until later in the 20th century that leather jackets started to gain popularity in the mainstream. Stars such as Jimmy Stewart and Harrison Ford were seen sporting jackets in the 1940s and 1950s. This was when people realized that it was a piece of clothing that wouldn’t just keep you warm but also make you look fashionable.

Today, leather jackets have become an indispensable part of our lives, and everyone from actors to singers can be seen sporting them.

These beige jackets are all you need to put the outfit altogether or to bring an edge to a look that you think is too feminine. As long as you style your look correctly, these tan or khaki-colored jackets will make you look and feel like a million dollars.

So, let’s look at some great ways how you can pull off looks with beige, tan, camel, or khaki leather jackets.

Over a dress

Just make sure the dress is the proper length and with a vibrant color, like the green dress from the picture above. Overall, this outfit is certainly to make a visual impact where you can focus all the sights on you whenever you go.

Also, if you're going to a party or hitting the club with your friends this weekend and want to wear a dress or a skirt but don’t want to freeze in the cold? Pair your sexy evening dress or a short skirt with the right shade of beige leather jacket, and you’re good to go. In fact, this look can also be perfect for a work engagement, such as a conference.

Use it with your trendy casual clothes

One of the most serious fashion challenges people face today is pulling off a chic casual look. No one likes to dress in a monochromatic fashion, which is why it can sometimes be challenging to mix and match the right shades, so they look coherent and beautiful.

Fortunately, with a camel or khaki shaded blazer, you can go out to the mall or hang out with friends with a look that will make you appear strikingly fabulous.

The great thing about a beige jacket is that it goes with light as well as dark and vibrant colors. With the right combinations, you can turn heads with your casual outfit.

It works with your working clothes too

Whoever said work outfits need to be boring has obviously never experimented with leather jackets. The right bomber or motorcycle jackets can turn a usually standard attire into something that’s effortlessly chic.

If you’re a woman who likes to keep things clean and sleek and swear by your black skinny jeans quintessential shirt, spice things up a little with a camel shaded bomber, a scarf, and a killer pair of heels

With your daily Attire

You don’t really need an excuse to wear your favorite beige leather jacket. Even if you don’t feel like dressing up but have to run a few errands, the straightforward and sleek camel shaded blazer will just be the piece of clothing you need to step out of the house. These jackets can make you look like a diva even when you want to take the minimalist approach so make sure you have one that you can rely on for any occasion.