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How to use orange leather jackets in Spring

If you are over Europe or the north hemisphere of the world then you are probably in full spring season while south hemisphere folks are in Autumn. So,you may be wondering how can we rock leather jackets in spring with the high temperatures we are having now?, easy, just find a thin leather jacket that suits your daily outfit but also that protects you for the night temperatures drops and keep you warm enough to enjoy your outting. 

How to use orange leather jackets

Here are some outfits ideas for men and women to use this Spring:

1. Combine an orange bomber jacket with jeans

For men, this outfit looks really nice in spring season and don't forget to put on some sneakers to give it a fun and less serious twist. It's also a perfect outfit for those who love to travel and look good at the same time. 

2. A whole leather set for those risky gals

This leather set is perfect if you mean business and want to look good day and night. This outfit can be worn in Spring since the temperatures won't make you feel so hot while looking this good. 

3. Trench coats for chilly days

Spring can still have those chilly days and what's better than an orange trench coat to keep you warm and looking faboluous at the same time right?. You can match this trench coat with leather pants or even jeans for a look a bit more fresh. Don't forget to combine it with sunglasses, a leather bag and leather boots. 

4. Orange leather jackets an black pants

As seen on the runway, this combination will make you look elegant and edgy with a lot of personal style. Remember to combine with formal leather shoes to keep the elegance. 

5. Orange jackets for festival season


Coachella, Tomorrowland, Summer sonic, etc. are just around the corner and a leather fringe jacket is always nice to have around. You can use jeans, soft pants and even ankle boots to make your look stand out in the crowds. 

We hope to have inspired you with these looks and bright orange leather jackets for spring, but if you have more ideas let us know in the comments or at our Instagram @merakiposh.