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Kidskin Leather: What is it?

If you are a leather fan then it's very probable that you know what is a Kidskin leather. If you don't, don't worry we're here to tell you all about it. Kidskin is a skin or a hide that comes from a goat. This type of leather typically comes from the hides of a baby goat, also known as kids. Kidskin leather is often used due to its well-rounded features, including its adaptability, durability and suppleness. Also, this leather is impressively lightweight. If we have to compare it would be like calfskin. The kidskin leather is considered to be a higher quality leather and this is generally reflected in the cost of its leather products. Also, kidskin tends to be a bit lighter in weight than calfskin while remaining a very strong material, it is often used for a number of leather items. This allows the leather to be quite flexible and can be used to produce just about any type of leather clothing or accessory. However, it is most commonly used to make women’s and men’s leather gloves, boots and women’s shoes. In fact, kidskin and leather gloves have a long history with each other, dating back to Victorian times. As in the words of WiseGeek.com
In the late 19th century, elbow-length opera gloves made from kidskin were an elegant alternative to shorter glove styles that only reached the wrist. These soft leather opera gloves became an important and popular component of lady’s formal wear, reaching their peak of popularity during the Edwardian era. In modern times, gloves made of kid leather are usually worn as winter outerwear rather than formal wear, but they continue to be popular with both men and women due to their warmth and soft, supple texture.
Of course, with any leather item, there is special care that accompanies it to help ensure a long and lasting lifespan.

Here are some Tips for cleaning and care of your Kidskin leather gloves:

  • Like most types of leather, kidskin leather should be placed and kept in moderate temperatures to avoid areas with extreme dryness or humidity. Doing this will help the leather keep its natural look and texture over time and reduce the possibility of the skind cracking.
  • To upkeep and clean your kidskin you can dust off the leather, if necessary with a soft, dry cloth. The item can then be cleaned very cafeully with luke warm water.
  • You can use a leather cream and conditioner. Once you have treated your leather set the item and leave to dry naturally without covering.