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La Maison Causse

Paul Causse and his siblings Jules and Henri founded in 1892 a glove factory. Their previous jobs, like for many other people in Millau -a city of France which is world known by its skills of glove making- were cutting gloves so they had the necessary experience for this step. Paul continued the development of the company alone while his brothers were recruited by an American factory called Bacmo in 1910. In 1905, the Causse factory changed location moving to Rue de Planard where it remained until 2001. Between 1935 and 1950 Paul's son, Jean kept the family tradition and it was a very fruitful period because of the exports to American stores. With their designs and high-quality materials, Maison Causse turned into a symbol of style conquering the hearts of the wealthy and famous people in the world. famille_causse Jean Causse did not focus only on tradition, he also made great research on technics and patterns. In 1963, Jean's son, Christian joined the company and both together, made huge developments, mainly in design, where they adapted to fashion and gave importance to the emerging sportswear style. In 1975, Christian took control of the business and created new methods of manufacture. Causse gloves started exports to Japan, Russia and the US. In Paris, Causse became the accredited supplier to many luxury fashion houses. Olivier, Christian's son, joined the family company in 1995. Eight years later, Olivier had new associates: Nadine Carel, Manuel Rubio, Jean Costes and Gerard Boisins, who brought their passion for gloves and gave a new idea of a 21st-century business. Together, they launched the first Causse brand collection. In 2005, Causse moved to a new building designed by architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Causse's gloves are favorites of Karl Lagerfeld, Kyle Minogue and many other famous people. The maison received the "Living Heritage Company" label from the Minister for the Industry of France. Collaborations with design houses, painters and other artists make Causse a modern spirit company that mix fashion, art and a long history of glove making. This enterprise still remains making the most luxurious gloves of Millau. Source: Causse-Gantier.fr