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Leather Backpacks: 4 Reasons You Should Own One

Every person in this world has used a backpack sometime in their life. Whether if it was in school or for traveling, everyone has used one. Backpacks are really useful, they can carry all your books, your traveling essentials, your clothes, etc etc. So, they basically carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and can save us from a shoulder ache. Today, we are going to talk not about the traveling backpacks or even the student's backpacks, we are going to talk about the fashionable ones, the leather backpacks everyone dies for whether is summer, autumn, spring or winter. Those that you can wear every day and with every outfit because they honestly look cool with anything. So here are the 4 reasons why you should own one.
  • Backpacks Got Your Back

Yes, backpacks indeed have your back, meaning they save you from that terrible droopy shoulder syndrome that happens over time when you carry your heavy handbag on one side of your body. You will feel so much better even after a week of using a backpack over a heavy handbag because they distribute weight across both of your shoulders. Your one overused shoulder will thank you for sharing the load.
  • You Can Fit Your Life Inside

Backpacks have room ‐ meaning you can fit in a change of clothes, your make‐up essentials, wallet, gym wear, a book, your entire life – you get my drift. They also have so many compartments so you can keep things organized.
  • Safety against Sticky Fingers

If you live in a big city there is always a chance of pickpockets lurking around. One of the most vulnerable places to be exposed to sticky fingers in your bag is on the subway or trains everywhere. Being crammed in with so many people you never quite know who might have their hand in your bag. I’ve been pickpocketed several times while traveling abroad so I always like to carry a backpack as it makes it a lot harder for people to get at your important things like passport, money, camera, phone, etc.
  • Backpacks are IN

Backpacks, just like flat whites, vegan skincare and faux fur are on a hot little upward trend at the moment and it’s all about the details when it comes to sporting a cool backpack. So, if you decide to invest in one, do it on a leather backpack since you already know how durable, strong, and easy to clean they are. After all we told you, do you still think about strutting around the city in your handbag? please let us know in the comments how backpacks change your way to carry your stuff.