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Leather Dresses: 5 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We've talked about leather dresses before. How to style them, what you should wear with them and more. But today, we're telling you the 5 common mistakes when using them. No excuses ladies, please avoid every single of them.

1. Wearing faux leather

We all know faux leather is cheaper, which might be enticing for you. But NO!, never and listen to us, NEVER choose faux leather when giving the choice. You should stick with a dress made of genuine leather. Although it has the word “leather” in it, faux leather isn’t real leather at all. It’s actually a traditional textile that’s covered in a layer of plastic. As a result, it lacks the attractive characteristics and qualities that make genuine leather such a prized textile.

2. Wearing the wrong size

It's always a good idea to wear clothing of your size, leather dresses shouldn't be the exception. If it’s too big, it will baggy and awkward. If it’s too small, it will restrict your ability to move while also looking awkward. To prevent this from happening, make sure your leather dress fits your body.

3. Sleeves can be your best friend

Every time you go shopping pay attention to leather dresses with sleeves. While most are sleeveless, some feature either mid- or full-length sleeves. During the otherwise cold fall and winter months, sleeves can offer an invaluable level of warmth and comfort. Even if a leather dress only has mid-length sleeves, the extra fabric will protect your upper arms from the cold weather.

4. Wearing brown shoes with a black leather dress

This is possibly the most common mistakes we can make. While brown shoes are perfect for leather dresses in other colors, they are not suitable for black leather dresses. This is because black and brown clash, and wearing both of these colors in the same outfit is painful for everyone who is paying attention to us. Conversely, you shouldn’t wear black shoes with a brown leather dress. You need to choose shoes in a color that matches your leather dress.

5. Wearing the wrong length

Leather dresses are available in short, medium and long lengths. So, what length should you choose for your leather dress? It really depends on your personal style as well as the occasion during which you plan to wear it. Longer lengths offer a more conservative and formal appearance than shorter lengths. If you’re choosing a leather dress to wear in the office, you may want to stick with a medium- or long-length dress for this reason.