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Leather Face Mask Against Coronavirus

When we talk about face masks we mostly look that they are safe, disposable and comfortable right? but when it comes to leather face masks breathability, convenience and protection are the most important thing and if we add the washable and durability quality then it's no wonder why they are the most reasonable choice right now.

Check this list of what to look for in a leather face mask

  • A leather face mask has to provide resistance to wind, rain, sun, UV, dust, debris and cold weather. That's why Peccary leather is actually one of the best to make this product. It creates a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Breathability: every leather face mask should feel like you can feel the wind on your face. Unlike most face mask that leaves you gasping for breath, one made from leather actually reduce the moisture and has maximum ventilation. Since leather is a natural by-product with pores, it really helps with the overheating we experience using a face mask even on hot days.
peccary gloves talula cork alpaca suri
  • A snug fit: If we want a leather face mask that really protects us we need them to be really fit to our face. Take a look at the ones used by bikers, they are comfy, very fashionista and also snug fitted to their face.
  • If you are just looking to protect yourself from Coronavirus then choose one with a filter on it (just to be on the safe side).
  • And lastly, make sure to buy only real leather face mask as you will get to wash them without worrying about ruining your leather good.

We hope this help you to make the best decision when buying your new leather face mask. Please let us know in the comments.