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Leather Fanny Bags: The Celebrities Trend This Summer

This is one of the most controversial bags ever made. You probably love them or hate them since there's no middle point apparently. This fanny packs bags were very popular in the 80's with Madonna using it and they were advertised as a very practical bag.

In the 90's this leather bag became in a fashion suicide and it's not until recent years that the trend is coming back but why?. We will tell you the reasons right here.

They are minimalist

leather fanny pack celebrity

They are so in tune with the minimalist theme because of their size and even their colors that they will look fine with almost any casual look.

They are stylish

leather fanny bag crossed

We all know they are practical and comfortable but they are also super stylish. If you don't believe us just see how almost all the young hollywood stars are using it everyday.

They are versatile

leather fanny bag for men

You can use them in different ways, across your body or around your waist for example. It gives you a lot of options with your outfits. Also, it can be worn by women and men alike.