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Leather Jackets For Every Body Shape

We all know a leather jacket is an essential in every girl's closet. If you know your body shape then this guideline would be helpful to you, and if you don't, then check this post and find out for yourself. To look best you have to do a little adjustment to your jacket. We knew the actuality that if we have spacious shoulders or hips we just have to cut that part where the thickness is absent in order to look comparative. Our main goal is that our body should look balanced.

Just Follow Thumb Rule

Brown leather jacket 1 If you want to distract people and do not want them to notice your bottom or lower body part then you have to draw attention to your upper body parts. Buy a jacket with little details and interest like shinier texture, a lighter shade of brown, zipper, buttons, and studs. But if you want totally opposite of it and want to draw attention to your lower body part instead of your upper body part then go for something simple and plain like black or matte leather, but be sure that this kind of leather jacket has minimal or no embellishments.


Yellow leather jacket 7 The shape of women can be categorized into curvy and wide hips, butt and thighs and the pear-shaped body. A short or cropped leather jacket will compliment your body shape. If you do not want to highlight your curves then you should avoid hemlines which are up to hip-length. You should also wear the right kind of top with accessories and draw attention where ever you want.

Women with Heavier/Wider Upper Body

black leather jacket 1 If you have inverted triangle body shape with broad shoulders or full mid-section with the apple shaped body then shorter hammed jackets are not appropriate for you. You should go for the jacket that will form curves at underneath to steady out your outstanding upper body parts. You should go for the hip-length leather jacket or you can go for a shorter leather jacket and you can work on top and bottom.

Women with Straight Figure or Rectangle Body Shape

leather jacket in color If you are a woman with a straight body or as many say you have a rectangle body shape you can consider buying a leather jacket which has more of little details. This will create curves on a frame of your body. Go for details like buckles, zipper, and studs. It’s not necessary that all these things go at the same time.

Women with Hourglass Body Shape

black leather jacket 2 The hourglass body shape is considered most ideal and every style seems to compliment this type of body. Which body part you want to diminish or emphasize on is totally up to you if you have an hourglass body shape. Dark brown or black color women leather jacket with vertical details like the zipper is the best choice if you want to look slim. If you want to get attention to your curves you can go for the shorter style of a leather jacket. If you want to work on bottom or top you can just add layers if you feel the need, this way you do not have to wear long leather coats.