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Leather Jackets: Mistakes when Using or Buying One

We all know leather jackets are IN right now and it's a classic too. They are versatile and stylish and they have been around for more than a century so, you can be sure they'll be around for quite some time more. In this blog, we have told you how to wear it, how to buy it and other interesting things but, have you ever wonder if you're making mistakes when you use it or buy it? I mean, we all have had fashion crimes right?. Well, keep reading and find out which are the most common mistakes about leather jackets.
  • Choosing Faux Leather

Although it might look similar to a real one (that's why the Faux name), it's not genuine leather. Is made of synthetic materials which we all know it won't stand in time and the chemicals and odor can be nauseating. Genuine leather has its own distinct odor but it's a pleasant one, doesn't break down or damage easily and even the finishing on genuine leather is better than in faux.
  • Using a leather jacket under heavy rain

As we have talked about before, prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the leather. A walk in the rain won't damage your leather jacket is the 'remaining soaked' part that is what we should avoid. You can easily prevent this from happening by not wearing leather in the rain. And if your leather jacket happens to get wet, dry it off in a timely manner. The sooner you dry off your leather jacket, the less the risk of permanent damage occurring.
  • Only using black or brown colors

Is common that you think about black or brown as the 2 to go colors for leather jackets but, don't limit yourself to only those colors. Leather jackets can be fun in pretty much any color and many designers have been designing them in alternative colors including, yellow, red or blue. We recommend you to buy a different color than the traditional ones and stand out from everyone else.
  • Overlooking Thickness

When its time to buy a leather jacket, pay attention to its thickness. There are millions of different leather types (ok we exaggerated, but still there's hundreds of them) and all of them are different in thickness. The smart thing to do when buying a leather jacket is to think in what season you're planning to use it, if it is summer a thin jacket is enough but for Winter is necessary to have a better suited one.