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Leather Joggers: How Not to Look Bad While Wearing Them

Leather joggers are one of those piece of clothing really comfy but also really casual. People who exercise wear them very often to go running, trekking and even to the gym. I mean, they were designed with that in mind but, people these days have been seemed wearing them in public while in a stroll in the park, or like a class outfit and even in dates!. Well, the idea of leather joggers is a bit new, leather is not that comfy to go exercising but it gives you a new style with this piece. “A lot of people get comfortable wearing the same thing,” explains Tom Shepherd, an instagrammer turned influencer with thousands of sports outfit fans, “Often the changes to clothing for men are cyclical, and we end up returning back to things we thought we left behind. Joggers were new, they hadn't already had a place, and I don't think many people felt comfortable with that.” Whenever we think about a new trend there's always a resistance but, if we're not ready to commit to it just yet the fair thing to do is buy one and see if it works or not right? well, leather joggers are not especially for everyone but if you are ready for something new then this is for you.
  • Buy a leather jogger that fits you and doesn't make you look bad.

Remember to buy a pair that compliments your figure, there's even leather joggers with a high waist and a skinny bottom. Choose one that looks good on you and one that you can think about using it in a casual way.
  • Choose a loose fit (since that's the essence of a jogger pant) but not too loose.

We all know joggers are not skinny pants but that doesn't mean that we need to buy one so loose that it looks like if we are wearing a diaper right?. So, test them on the store, make sure they look great on you and that's it! give it a chance.
  • Wear it with a dressy top.

The best way to give your somehow "normal look" a distinctive look is, wearing an elegant or dressy top. If you don't like wearing dressy tops you can combine maybe your favorite plaid shirt with the new leather joggers and give them another dimension. Just don't forget that your top should be somewhat "formal" if you want them to look great.
  • Heels are probably the best choice.

We knooooowwwww, heels are not comfortable at all, but leather joggers while they are not "really joggers" they can be so loose that the only way to wear them in public in a casual way is wearing something to make them look formal. And that's why we need to pair them with heels if we are going to an event or a date.
  • Get a leather bag and accessorize your outfit.

Leather bags are our best friends. We can use them everyday and with every outfit and it will always look great. So, complete your whole look with a leather bag and get ready to use your leather joggers and not to look bad while wearing them.